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Migration Project: Unraid to SnapRaid on a Ubuntu Server with KVM and Dockers
It's been 2 1/2 years since my last update.

What has happened since then?

Not much really, this box has been very stable. I barely ever need to logon to it.
Rebooted only a few times for upgrades and drive failures.

Upgraded the CPU to a i7

Added a second SSD with 256GB drive
Upgraded the Memory to a 32GB
Installed KVM/qemu
Installed TVHeadend
Did not bother with Plex Server, CrashPlan, or Owncloud from my original plan
Did not bother with Argust TV
Did not bother with the video passthru as it did not make much sense to have it in my setup.
I had 2 drives fail over the 2.5 years. Both were recovered using Snapraid. It was awesome.
The server even emailed me when the drives were failing. How cool is that.
I used dockers when it made sense like nzbget and sonarr.
I installed software on the O/S when it made sense like tvheadend

I have no regrets migrating off unRaid. unRaid was good to me before this server, but it has been much easier for me with this setup.

What's in the future:

The ubuntu 14.04 LTS has passed it's hardware support date. Since the day I installed it, I have become a huge Arch Linux fan. Consequently, I will rebuild the machine in the next year using Arch Linux as the O/S. No more end dates for support.
I will be setting up some nifty lxc containers instead of dockers. Some because of the extra power it brings and some just because its fun.
More TV Watching.
I will try to record my updates and post them here again.

I noticed a lot of views on this thread. Hope it was helpful to someone.

Hi zubalea,

Nice build log + updates, nicely detailed. Looks like a perfect example for a guide to help a user get started with rolling their own NAS/Server solution. Smile
Main: i5-3570k @ 4.0GHZ | 8GB Ram | 250GB SSD + 1TB HDD | EVGA 780 SC 6GB
Server: HP N54L | 8GB Ram | UnRAID v6.2.4 | 10TB Data [2x3TB+2x2TB] + 3TB Parity
RPi2 Model B 1GB: LibreELEC x2 / Wetek Hub: LibreELEC / DigiBit R1 Sat>IP Receiver


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