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Airsonic does not show any music
I have installed the Airsonic image on my OpenMediaVault.
I can login to http://omv.local:4040, but it does not show any music.

In the setup, I have pointed the /music folder in the image to my music collection, while I did nothing for the other folders.

I do not see any error in the log and only one warning:
WARN --- o.d.impl.DefaultPageNormalizer           : Missing /WEB-INF/web.xml

When I do docker exec -it airsonic /bin/bash, I can see the that /music is there and includes the music library.
It is owned by abc:abc defined as 1000:100 and the folder has read access for everyone.

When I login as admin and go to Settings/Media folders, I can see that folder with name=Music and folder=/music is enabled.
Under Users, I can see that my 'normal' user has access to Music.

However, when I initiate manual media scan, it takes only a fraction of a second and does not seem to find anything.
Here is the log generated by the scan:
2018-04-04 18:16:43.145  INFO --- o.a.p.s.MediaScannerService              : Starting to scan media library.
2018-04-04 18:16:43.188  INFO --- o.a.p.s.MediaScannerService              : Scanned media library with 2 entries.
2018-04-04 18:16:43.194  INFO --- o.a.p.s.MediaScannerService              : Marking non-present files.
2018-04-04 18:16:43.197  INFO --- o.a.p.s.MediaScannerService              : Marking non-present artists.
2018-04-04 18:16:43.200  INFO --- o.a.p.s.MediaScannerService              : Marking non-present albums.
2018-04-04 18:16:43.205  INFO --- o.a.p.s.MediaScannerService              : Completed media library scan.
2018-04-04 18:16:43.270  INFO --- o.a.p.service.PlaylistService            : Starting playlist import.
2018-04-04 18:16:43.280  INFO --- o.a.p.service.PlaylistService            : Completed playlist import.

What can be wrong?

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