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Radarr wont process Movie Folder

i just had to start use docker containers, because i got a Synology DS218+ which isnt yet supported by most of the packages on syno community.

Even though i find the concept quiet intriguing, i seem to have some difficulties grasping the concept and the consequences when it comes to folder managment and permission issues.

So here's my setup:

- Shared Folder "downloads" and "Movies" created as official shared folders within DSM. Those have full access permission for my synology user "me" (1026 PUID, 100 PGID).

- Installed NZBGet with *.run package provided by NZBget web site. This runs via autostart script with permissions of my user "me".  I checked that all regarding subfolders (downloads, complete, etc.) indeed are owned and created by "me". Finished Movie Downloads go to "/volume1/downloads/nzbget/downloads/completed/Movies

- Radarr installed via Docker container. I mapped the following Folders when creating the container:

/volume1/downloads/nzbget/downloads/completed/Movies -> /downloads
/volume1/Filme -> /movies

Also i run the docker image via PUID and PGID with my user "me".

Network Modus is bridged (default).


This setup gets me the "famous" 

"Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Radarr: /volume1/downloads/nzbget/downloads/completed/Movies/Movie Name Here"

Error which i already dont understand because i thought thats is taken care off when mapping the downloads folder to "downloads" path within docker.
So i did an additional mapping in the advanced settings for the downloads client with identical settings thats seems to take care off the error. 


But now the downloads just sits there and is not moved by Radarr to the shared Folder "Movies". There are no more entries/errors in the Log. The Activity Status remains on "NZB sent to download client".

Any Ideas what i'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

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