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Request: tvhProxy (Plex DVR with TVHeadend)

A developer created a proxy script which allows users of TVHeadend to utilize the features of Plex DVR. The script can be found here I feel this would make a great companion to the tvheadend docker by Please take a look when you have a chance and see if this would add value to the community.
It may even be able to be added to the tvheadend container.
+1 for this request!
I don't really want to implement this in the Tvheadend container as I don't really see the need for this.
Why would you want plex dvr if you have tvheadend?
I also don't like that it needs port 80 and from what I read it's not configurable.

Apart from you want to test Plex Dvr even though you don't have a supported tuner, is there any good reason to implement it?
I do have a supported tuner, a HDhomerun, but my (HD) cable signal is encrypted. With TVHeadend and Oscam I can decrypt the signal and watch the streams. It would be great to record the decrypted streams from within Plex.

I understand that exposing port 80 is "a thing".

Is it then possible to make a TCVHproxy docker? I did try, but I didn't succeed due the lack of experience.... Sad
Why would it be nice to record in Plex vs recording in Tvheadend?
The interface of Plex is way more user friendly than TVHeadend (and in Plex-style: everyone in my family knows how to use that).
For me there is two reasons. One I do not have a supported tv tuner card and Two just like erikstam there is no way anyone other than me will be able to manage recordings as tvheadend isn't as user friendly as plex.
(07-04-2017, 08:13 PM)encript Wrote: It may even be able to be added to the tvheadend container.

That would be incredibly useful!  There is also another one called PlexHeadEnd that would be a good option besides TVHProxy, both basically allow TVheadend to emulate an HDHomerun so that an unraid server for example can add customized channels with EPG data in TVheadend to Plex Live TV as a tuner, as well as the DVR you mention, but now with Live TV it is even better.
Just a heads up... try I am trying to get set up in Unraid as a docker, a docker file has already been created. Way cleaner than Tvheadendproxy if you are tying to use m3u files. It's a trick to get m3u and HDhomerun working at the same time due to Plex only letting you use one EPG source though. Haven't had much success yet as I am very green to the docker way of things, but it works great just running as an executable on pretty much every platform, even gives you a way to parse your m3u file via regex to limit the channels you don't want. Hoping someone here could save my brain and create a container to do it all!

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